You are Vitus Lucretius, master thief and public enemy number one in the Roman Empire. You have just pulled off your latest heist. You have broken into the palace of the great Julius Caesar, and stolen his most prized possession: A mysterious "cassette tape", an item from another time. This magical item grants the bearer the miraculous ability to turn back time. An ability you'll need if you want to get out alive!

Use your incredible agility and the tape's time rewinding power to make your way through Julius Caesar's palace without getting killed by his guards. Is time on your side?


This game was an entry in the Brackeys 2020.2 Game Jam.

Art and Additional Programming: Pedroza
Music and Sound Effects: FoxHyode
Programming: Kodota


tempus_mortis.exe 60 MB
Download 37 MB
tempus_mortis.x86_64 65 MB

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