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Hallegen is a 2D Action-Platformer starring Acro, a nimble melee spellcaster. Explore three levels, while attacking monsters that threaten you, and utilize his powerful spells to aid in progression.


These strange creatures stole the legendary Lumino Spear, and stole from the museum protecting it! It's up to the naive, inexperienced, wannabe explorer Acro to solve this crisis, right? 


Utilize both Hex Chain and Hex Blink to navigate the stage the way you want to. The orange bar is his resource bar, and can only be refilled by attacking with his Aura Spear. Hex Chain throws out a long ranged chain, and will pull Acro towards an enemy or terrain that it hits, while Hex Blink is a dash that can be used consecutively, but has ever increasing cost. Both spells are omni-directional, so you can get real creative with the usage of these spells throughout the stages.

This will be it for now. Thank you all for the support you gave us all. There still are some small issues here and there, but we are unable to continue right now. We will be back one day. It might be months and years, but we will be back to finish this for good.

DEFAULT CONTROLS (can be changed in the options menu):

W = Up

A= Left

S = Down

D = Right

Shift = Roll

Y = Pause Screen

H = Primary Attack

J =Hex Chain

K = Hex Blink

Enter = Select Stage

This game is made by CheesiMoon, Kodota and SpiralFlip.


Windows 20 MB
Mac 21 MB
Linux 21 MB

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